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Hi there! Welcome to “Discomlogicated” – the escape room review site!

What is this?

After years of talking about it, I finally decided to start my own site collating all my experiences and reviews. Hopefully, you will soon find 3 things on this site;

  1. Escape room reviews!

  2. Chats about escape rooms in general

  3. A way of finding rooms near you

This site is still very much a work in progress – at the moment I’m just working to publish my reviews for my last 60 games, as well as any new reviews of rooms as I do them. I will be adding in more functions as I go, but for now please bear with me!

What makes a good room?

For me, the experience begins the moment you walk into the venue. In my reviews, you’ll find 6 sections;

  1. The set

  2. The game itself

  3. The customer service

  4. Accessibility features

  5. The cost

  6. TL;DR

If you think I’ve missed anything in a review, or want more clarification, please get in touch!

Who am I?

My name is Georgie – I moved to London recently from Bath, but am a Welsh girl originally. I got hooked on Escape Rooms in December 2016 after doing one for my birthday, and haven’t looked back!

I’ve done most of my rooms in the UK – mainly around Cardiff, Bath, Bristol, and London, which is where the majority of these reviews will be coming from.

When I’m not doing escape rooms or working, I enjoy board games, baking, and doing quizzes. Yes, I am very nerdy – if you haven’t noticed!

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