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SCRAMM – Chocolate Factory

Updated: May 22

Often when looking for escape rooms to do, I’ll look at what is in the vicinity, or what has good reviews. However, we discovered this one whilst visiting a relative just outside Banbury, and when we saw the theme was a Chocolate Factory, we knew we had to do it!

The Set

The first thing that hits you when you walk into this room is the smell – they obviously funnel something in, because it smells delicious. The room itself is strewn with references to chocolate, sweets, and general food science – you cannot miss the theme here!

However, the room itself feels very cold – concrete floors, bare walls and very industrial. The smell is the real ‘wow’ factor – don’t expect the set design to blow you away.

The Game

This is a very linear game – puzzle one leads to puzzle two, which leads to puzzle 3…We usually avoid these when in a larger team, but for a pair it worked perfectly, and was quite nice to know exactly what we were working on. The puzzles themselves were varied, with a mix of locks, codes and alternative entry methods scattered around the room. For the most part, we knew what to do. However, there were a few occasions where we were ‘overthinking’ things, making them more complicated than necessary. Whilst I think this may be true, we did find that these were puzzles with multiple parameters – i.e colours, numbers and sizes.

Outside of this, there was a nice flow to the room, and the hidden chocolates helped too!

The hint system was in the form of a screen (which is ideal), and the nudges we received were perfectly timed, and cryptic enough to get us back on track without giving the game away.

Outside the room

One of my favourite parts of this room were the owners. You could tell they have a real passion for this, and you can’t help but enjoy talking to them. Apparently they started the business to bring some entertainment to the area, and make it more family friendly, which I think is a wonderful notion.

The waiting room is testament to their success – the walls are covered in photos of previous players, and the guest book on their table has wonderful reviews. I recommend a visit here, just to talk to the owners!


The company is up a steep set of stairs, but the room itself had plenty of room. Apparently, they have carried wheelchairs up the stairs before, as it’s easy for them to move around the room. I’d advise checking before hand though!

There are puzzles requiring colour perception and smell. There is also a dexterity puzzle, which we were very proud of ourselves for solving! It’s a little easier that similar variations I’ve seen, but be aware it is there.

Was it worth the money?

We paid £20pp for a team of 2. It was definitely worth this – we had a great time, and left feeling well looked after and as if we’d got more than our money’s worth.


Pros; Theme, Owners, puzzle variety, hint system

Cons; Set, Linearity

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