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RIDDLE WITHIN – Flight 338

Updated: May 22

Within our enthusiast community, this has been one of the most anticipated games (particularly within London). Based on a real airplane (although grounded), the opening has been anything but smooth, and reviews has been very mixed. However, in the midst of Storm Dennis, we pressed on.

The Set

The set is based on an actual plane, and has been kept true to form with the majority of the ‘room’. The interior has mostly remained as you’d expect on a plane, with only minimal adjustments made for the puzzles, meaning it is particularly immersive (particularly if a storm is raging outside, causing turbulence!)

The Game

We did this game as a team of 6, and we didn’t find we were too clustered – there were lots of things I didn’t see, and I didn’t feel we spent much time stood doing nothing. However, we finished the game fairly quickly, so could perhaps have done with a few more puzzles.

We were given the choice of wearing handcuffs, which most of us took, which certainly makes the game a little more challenging! The puzzles themselves were pretty varied too, with a great mix of hidden items, logic and ‘skill’. There was also a deductive puzzle, which is always my favourite!

The flow was fairly linear, although there are very distinct sections of the room so we were split for most of it. However, it’s pretty obvious what is required for each point, and the clues given to us were subtle nudges, without giving away the whole game. The clues themselves came via an intercom, but fitted perfectly with the theme.

The game also featured quite a unique twist, which I loved. My only comment about this would be that it would have been nice to pause the timer during this part!


The room requires you to climb a small set of stairs to enter the room, and there are some tight spaces within the room. Hints come via an intercom, and there are a couple of puzzles that require the ability to differentiate colours.

Outside the room

The location is easy to get to via bus (or a short walk from the tube), and they do have toilet facilities. However, there isn’t much in the way of a waiting area, and you have to phone the host when you arrive, rather than being greeted.

However, our host was absolutely fantastic. He really got into his role, and we had a great time playing off each other. He immediately was welcoming and discussed our experiences with us, before getting our energy levels up for the game. Even afterwards, we had a great chat and felt very much looked after and like he was invested in our experience.

Was it worth the money?

We paid around £25pp for this – I’d say it was worth this, though perhaps I would rather have paid a little less for the amount of rooms.

I believe these are now online for around £40pp, which I don’t think is worth it.


Pros; Host, set, immersion

Cons; number of puzzles, linearity

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