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After playing Modrophenia and Loot the Lanes, we closed out our day with 'Raver quest' - the room multiple people had told us they'd had the most fun in of any room. I was a little wary as it is apparently one of their easier rooms, combined with loud noises not exactly being a great environment for me! However, those recommendations were too good to pass up, so in we went...

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Tired and happy

The Set

Somehow at 2pm in the afternoon we found ourselves in a nightclub, complete with celebrity DJ, flashing lights, and plenty of graffiti. The space itself is very small, but they've been quite clever in the way they've used objects and props to naturally create distinct 'areas' within the same room, even using different heights and features to naturally make those distinctions. It's also very immersive, with the dim light, banging tunes and suspiciously sticky floors. However, all of these are in fact clever disguises - you won't notice something until it's meant to be noticed, even if it's staring you in the face the entire time.

The Game

Like the other games, this one had a couple of puzzles on the go at once, although slightly fewer than the other games and a little more linear - we rarely crossed paths with each other as we progressed through our own 'paths'. The puzzles themselves were all well placed for a nightclub - drinks, straws and even a dance challenge! We did have a lot of fun with these puzzles, especially with the immersion and attention to narrative detail.

Most of the puzzles in this room relied on observation and physical movement, rather than deduction or logic. This made a nice change to the other rooms, although I would've been disappointed if this was the only room we'd been doing. I also didn't feel like there were a ton of rooms, and there points where we weren't sure who had solved the puzzle or what was left to solve, so the signposting could've been better. There also felt like a little too much padding for time - various videos and prolonged challenges which felt like they were there just to extend the room.

However, ultimately we did have a lot of fun in this room, and I wouldn't necessarily pass it by.


This room is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to accessibility. To reach the room you need to go down some stairs, there are stairs within the room itself and there isn't really anywhere to sit. There is low lighting throughout, with very limited access to alternative light sources. Despite this, you will need to be able to differentiate colours. There is a soundtrack playing throughout, and although it's fun it can be overly loud at times. You will need good hearing for some of the challenges, and good mobility too. The room also isn't particularly large, so it can get hot quite quite quickly.

Outside the room

Our GM greeted us in full DJ character - dressed exactly like a raver in neon fishnets, crop top and bright sunglasses. She was full of energy and got us "well excited"! You can't fault the dedication to the character, and she really got us psyched up for the game. As mentioned previously, all the staff here are fantastic and it's in a great location.

Was it worth the money?

We paid £26.80 per person for a group of 3, including a group booking discount (as we booked 3 rooms). We had great fun in the room, but it felt a little short to us, and possibly not quite worth the money, particularly if we had a larger group.

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