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My friend Mairi at The Escape Roomer recently created her own "30 before 30" bucket list for escape rooms. Unfortunately, I'm a wee bit closer to that milestone than her, so consider this more of a wishlist than a bucket list.


  1. Play a room in Europe (not Hungary)

  2. Visit Budapest!

  3. Play a room in another language

  4. Go on a multi-day trip just for the escape rooms


  1. Come first on a leaderboard!

  2. Take part in the Redbull championships (if they are revived)

  3. Visit ERIC and/or another Escape Room convention

  4. Finish writing my Escape room book & do something with it

  5. Actually finish designing a room

Types of room

  1. Play a room that is completely dark

  2. Play a room that is completely silent

  3. Play a room with a live actor

  4. Play a horror themed room

  5. Play a room that is longer than 60 minutes

  6. Play a room that combines multiple time periods (à la Time Run!)

Specific rooms/companies

  1. Play all the rooms at Tulley's (including Nethercott manor)

  2. Play all the rooms at Pier Pressure in Brighton

  3. Play 'The Cabin' at Escape Leicester - apparently it's an amazing experience

  4. Play 'Silence is a virtue' at Exciting Escapes

  5. Play all the rooms I haven't played yet at The Escapement (their new Broadstairs rooms sound absolutely amazing)

  6. Play some more rooms at The Panic Room

  7. Jailbreak & Raider of the lost tomb by Escape Kent, as well as Prison Island

  8. Play new games at Other World Escapes, as well as 'Vermillion Diamond'

  9. Finish playing all the rooms at clueQuest

  10. Play all the rooms at Archimedes Inspiration

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