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HANDMADE MYSTERIES -Lady Chastity’s Reserve (18+)

Updated: May 23

I booked this room on a bit of a whim, feeling that itch again and knowing this was close to our office. I took some work colleagues who were all very green (this was the first for one), so it’s little surprise that this was my first failure!

Although it was my first failure, I still enjoyed myself and didn’t feel too downtrodden when I left. The fact it’s situated above a pub also helps 😉

Our saucy team, looking splendid in our costumes

The set

The premise of the game is that you are seeking out a bottle of aphrodisiac wine, in an abandoned room belonging to Lady Chastity. The set design is very well done – it was extremely creepy and unnerving, with great quality props and set pieces. Everything fit perfectly, and I did spend some time admiring the set as it’s one of the best I’ve experienced. Admittedly, there were a few issues with the set, which I’ll cover when discussing the game…

The game

Although this was one of my favourite sets, the game wasn’t quite as good.

Firstly, I hadn’t realised it was going to be creepy when I booked it, otherwise I may have reconsidered! However, it did balance the creep factor well, and it did make it more exciting and enjoyable.

May main quibble with this room would be that it didn’t know whether to be linear or not. At one point we found a key, but the GM stepped in and prevented us from using it. She then had to remind us to use it later, for the very thing we wanted to do in the first place…My general feeling is that if you don’t want us to use something early, don’t let us find it early! Some of the props were also a little broken, leading us to that awful position of not knowing if we weren’t completing the puzzle because we were doing something wrong, or because the puzzle was broken. Even after receiving a hint, and being told where to look, we couldn’t see how we would have got to that point.

However, for the most part it was fairly easy to work out what it was that was required of us, and what we needed to do to solve each puzzle. The puzzles were all perfectly suited to the theme, with nice indicators of how to solve.

The hint system in the room was probably the most unique I’ve seen too, but not necessarily the best. The GM essentially would come in every now and then to mention things, keeping with the game, and we were to call out for her if we wanted a specific clue, although we were only allowed to do with three times. I loved how this kept with the room, but it meant we really weren’t receiving much help. I feel we were left clueless and in the dark for too long, due to the fact it wasn’t particularly easy for her to deliver nudges to us.

Finally, there were some audio clues in the room. Although this added to the atmosphere, it did also mean we were rather tied into waiting for those to kick in at appropriate times, meaning we had to do certain puzzles in a certain order, and wait around for the clues.

Although it sounds like I had a lot of issues with the room, I did find it very enjoyable whilst doing it, and would loved to have been in there longer. As mentioned, the set design was top notch, the atmosphere added to the game, and the puzzles weren’t that annoying.


The room is above a pub and pretty innuendo laced, to 18+ only. It is also up 2 flights of very steep stairs, so absolutely not accessible to anyone with difficulty walking or manoeuvring. Someone will also need to crawl at some point, and there is only somewhere to sit later in the game.

The room is dark for a while, and dim afterwards, so if you have issues with sight you may struggle a little, although you do have torches. There is reading required at various points, but no colour puzzles! Audio is a key part to this room, so you will need at least one person with good hearing. The sound track isn’t too loud or off putting though – it was easy to ignore.

There are a couple of minor things to make you jump, but these are minor and the room mainly relies on the atmosphere to keep the tension up. It is a large room, which didn’t get hot or cold – just right!

Outside the room

The customer service really did blow me away. From the moment we were greeted our GM ‘Gabriel’ was in character, and did it well. I greatly enjoyed exchanging innuendo laden dialogue with her, and she managed to keep character right up until we left. Even when delivering the clues and taking our photo at the end, she was in character. The character itself was also perfect – it wasn’t an over-the-top performance like many GM’s, but rather at a level where I could believe she was genuinely this person. Probably one of my most enjoyable GM experiences!

The room is situated above a pub. Although we didn’t drink anything, this is probably the best waiting room you can ask for!

Was it worth the money?

This cost £25pp for a team of 4. I would probably begrudgingly agree it was worth the money, although I would have preferred to pay a little less for it. As already mentioned, the set design and GM managed to buoy what could have been a frustrating experience. That being said, I think this would be an amazing stag/hen do, or general fun with friends.


Pros: GM, Set, Atmosphere

Cons: Hints (lack of), Puzzles, linear/non-linear?

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