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EXITUS – The curse of Senutep

Updated: May 23

Exitus in Cardiff is definitely a hidden gem. I reviewed their first room after we visited in December (2018) and I absolutely loved it. I was so so excited when I found out they were opening a new room, and couldn’t wait to visit. I’m just as excited now to know they will be opening a third room later this year.

New record: 44.28 – Team of 4 with no clues!

The Set

“The curse of Senutep” is an Egyptian themed room. I’ve done quite a few in the past, so I admit I wouldn’t have chosen to do an Egyptian room if not for our past experience here. That being said, it was themed excellently – I’ve only been to one other room where they committed to using sand, and this is the only room where it actually played a role. It is also free from technological puzzles, sticking with the theme, and in fact the lights come from torches, given you are explorers.

I admit that, later on, things were a little rough around the edges, but all in all it was very well built.

The Game

The game was non-linear, which I loved. There is a central goal in mind, but for the majority of the game you really do need to “split up and look for clues”.

There is a nice, clear link between puzzles and solutions/what to do with those answers. You don’t need to make any great leap in logic, so for the most part we knew what we had left to solve.

The puzzles themselves had a few similarities between them, but in a general a good mix between searching, dexterity and ‘mental’ puzzles. The number was also good – we did this as a team of 4, and I don’t think I was ever stood there bored – even when I wasn’t actively working on a puzzle, the sand made for a nice seat and I spent a few seconds just enjoying the scenery.

Due to a technical glitch were essentially doing it blind – no timer, no hints. I actually really enjoyed this aspect, and the owner has admitted that they want to try and make it as tech free as possible. I do think some sort of hint system would still need to be there, but I am curious to see how they deal with the time.

I’ve said before that I love this company, and that hasn’t changed. However, I do need to put my objective hat on here…

The room was great…up until the very end. I was a tad disappointed with the final stage/exit, as I would’ve liked a little more. I felt the final puzzle let the rest of the room down a little, being not quite as complex and a bit rough around the edges. It was also a sudden exit – we hadn’t realised this was the final puzzle. I think this is something lots of rooms suffer with, particularly if the goal isn’t to ‘escape within 60 minutes’. The technical issues as well weren’t great, but they handled it with aplomb.

All things considered, I definitely think this room is worth the visit, and it was better than the other Egyptian room in Cardiff. I would still opt for the Plague room first though, if you are deciding between the two.


The venue is up a set of stairs, so not accessible if you can’t walk. There is no where to sit inside the room, but there are also no strenuous physical exercises in the room. There is one puzzle which requires dexterity.

There is (currently) no lighting in the room, but you do receive lanterns and head torches, which honestly made the room extremely light (particularly given there were 4 of us). This also helped with reading (which was required).

The main room was fairly spacious, and did not get particularly hot. There is a slightly smaller room, but not everyone needs to go there.

Outside the room

I’ve already mentioned this before, but the staff here are amazing. They are extremely friendly and you can see the passion they put in and enjoyment they get out of running these rooms. When combined with a comfy waiting area, a room to play board games and a mini sweet shop, this is a very nice place to spend a decent amount of time.

Was it worth the money?

Yes! I think these rooms are far cheaper than they deserve to be – visit quickly before they realise their worth and start putting the price up!


Pros: Set, theming, customer service

Cons: Flat ending

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