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CLEVER DILEMMA – Murder at the Wild West Quest saloon

Updated: May 22

This room marked a few different firsts for me – the first Cowboy themed room I’ve done, the first time I’ve been surprised by a trip to an escape room, and the first time my boyfriend has successfully surprised me!

The front of Clever Dilemma is pretty unassuming, located closer to the train station rather than the main highstreet. However, once inside we were greated by a rather adorable host (the resident pug), as well as his very friendly owners.

The Set

Upon walking into the room you are immediately transported into the Wild West. Rather than walking directly into the saloon, you find yourself outside, beneath a beautiful starry sky. Either side of you there are buildings; the saloon to your left, and sheriff’s office to your right.

The set is beautifully designed – it took my breath away when we walked in, and were certainly off to a good start! The buildings inside are also expertly fitted – genuine pieces of furniture, beautifully dressed.

The Game

The game was fantastic – multi-linear, with an additional mystery/logic thread throughout. The puzzles themselves were varied and well thought out – with a combination of hidden items, maths, logic and just general thinking. The puzzles were laid out across the room, with one puzzle unlocking 2 more. It was also expertly designed – often we thought we had worked something out ‘early’, but in fact we were still missing a piece of the puzzle without realising.

We did this with 3 people (2 very experienced, 1 not so much) and there was plenty for us all to do.

The hint system was a monitor, and the clues were very much personalised to us, rather than generic presets. All in all, a very enjoyable experience.


The venue is accessible, with a fantastic waiting area. However, there is a set of stairs up to the room itself. Within the room, there are some darker areas, and a couple of puzzles that do require you to hear. However, the room itself is spacious – with only one smaller area, which not everyone needs to enter.

Outside the room

The seating area is nice – the venue itself holds an alcohol license, and often hosts corporate events utilising this. The hosts are amiable and welcoming, with plenty of food and drink on hand.

The location is also perfectly situated – a short walk from the train station, and a nice stroll into the centre of Faversham.

Was it worth the money?

I don’t know how much this cost (the website suggests it would have been around £30pp), but it was certainly worth it.


Pros; Puzzles, set design, staff

Cons; The company only has 2 rooms!

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